Penny-round tile has been a staple of American architecture since the early 1900s. Similar to subway tile, penny-round tile is affordable and classy, and the two styles are often paired together to create that classic bathroom look. The Interiors Addict listed "nostalgia" as one of the top six tile trends for 2017 and retro, which includes subway tile and penny rounds from the 1930s, is part of this nostalgia trend.

Penny Tile Designs

It's no surprise that the versatile penny-round tile is basking in the spotlight. Made from unglazed porcelain, penny rounds bring a timeless style to any home. Their ultra flat, durable surface works perfectly in any wet area. Ranging in size from 3/4 inch to 1 inch, these small tiles spice up a backsplash, bathroom, kitchen or fireplace.

Find inspiration with these images of amazing historic penny-round tile installations that we've spotted.

Blue Penny Tile
NYC: Use Turquoise, Light Blue and Celadon from our Subway Mosaics color palette to recreate this look.

The geometric patterns and bold colors pop in this historic penny-round tile mosaic found at BEC restaurant in New York City's Chelsea neighborhood.

Penny Tile Pattern
St Louis: Recreate this mosaic with the following colors from our palette: Rose, Salmon, Peach, Green, Turquoise, Red and White.

This penny-round tile pattern was spotted in the historic Shaw neighborhood of St. Louis. We connected this elaborate border design back to The Ceramic Mosaic Tile catalog, published in the early 20th century to showcase and promote American Encaustic Tiling Company floor tile.

Penny Tile Pattern
Wisconsin: The colors shown in this mosaic match Rose, Red, Light Green and White in our Subway Mosaics color palette.

This historic penny-round tile mosaic pattern was seen at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, located in Central Wisconsin.

Penny Tile Pattern
Chicago: Green, Peach, White and Red from our Subway Mosaics color palette match the colors shown here.

This amazing 1920s penny-round floor tile was spotted in a hair salon in Chicago's Lincoln Park neighborhood. Unfortunately, the salon closed down, but we'll always have this beautiful photo.

Penny Tile Pattern
Paris: White penny tile from our Subway Mosaics color palette match the penny rounds shown here.

This vintage penny-round tile floor was seen at The Roissy, Terminal 1 of Paris Charles De Gaulle Airport. Completed in 1974, The Roissy is characterized by the airport's early 20th-century futurist architecture style, proving that penny tile fits with any style, from modern and futurist to classic or retro. Très magnifique!

Penny Tile Pattern
NYC: Subway Mosaic colors Red, Peach, Green and White match the penny rounds shown here.

This penny field tile is installed on 6th Avenue in New York City at the Sun Sweet Deli. Dependable penny-round tile stands the test of time.

Looking for penny tile?

A wide range of options in unglazed porcelain mosaic tiles are available through our Subway Mosaics website. Penny tile, available in 3/4 inch size, is one of the four shapes offered. Choose from among 24 historic colors to create your own design or select among our historic classic fields and popular patterns.

For more information on our penny tile or to learn about our custom patterns, please contact a member of our team.