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Subway Mosaics
Essential Elements for Timeless Design. Experience it today.

The purest and most thoughtful minds are those which love colour the most.

John Ruskin

Heritage Tile proudly produces and assembles Subway Mosaics made-to-order designs in the USA. More than just the tiles, we provide fields and trim, marble mouldings, borders, and more to ensure your mosaic project is complete. Our goal is to help maintain the vintage character in your home or public space, ensuring timeless quality for years to come.

Mosaic Patterns

Subway Mosiacs affords the opportunity to create a fitting design for your space, whether it is modern, traditional, or something in between. The mosaic patterns show below have adorned the floors of buildings throughout American history, from Victorian, to Mid-Century Modern, to contemporary styles. Add timeless character to your design.

This image lists 8 patterns capable of being produced by the team

Subway Mosaics Color Palette

This image lists all the available colors offered by Subway Mosaics

Project support team

Meet online with one of our project consultants experienced in period tile design and special project conditions for assistance in preparing your project quotation. During the consultation they will review your project details and plans, and demonstrate tile layout options using 3D visualization tools and images. Attention to these special conditions unique to your project will offer you design solution options and ensure that all tile components are on-site when your tile is ready to install.