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Design Options

Your mosaic expressions will come to life in a made-to-order design from Subway Mosaics.  Our step-by-step process will guide you from initial concept to a final rendering of your design ready for your review and approval.  At that point you should know what to order and the final cost of your mosaic project delivered and ready to install.

Our project consultants are here to assist you at any time.  It is our goal to make the experience of creating your personal mosaic enjoyable and gratifying.  Let’s get started.

Designer Series

Choose from a palette of 22 colors for any of the 6 mosaic shapes available in this series. Reproduce any historic pattern or eclectic design, perfectly coordinated with the color scheme of your space. Ample degrees of creative freedom to satisfy the most prolific designer.

Classic Series

The dramatic contrasts produced by the pure Arctic White and deep Charcoal colors in our Classic series are perfect for timeless Greek key borders and bright fields for your porcelain mosaic floor designs.

The Classic Series shapes include 1″ hexagons, 2″ hexagons, 3/4″ squares and 3/4″ penny rounds.

Your Step-By-Step Guide

What inspires you? What patterns do you love? What colors inspire or complement your space? Look through our Design Guide to source a pattern or design you like, find it in a catalog, or take photos of a floor you love to send to us!

Send us any images or information about your design inspiration. If you have any floor plans or photos, we’d love to see those too. A hand drawn floor plan with accurate measurements will work just as well!
Our designers will interpret your information and provide high quality drawings of your design. This may include some refining to make sure that our drawings reflect your vision.
Work with your tile installer to calculate how many of each module you require for your floor.  Not every module will be the same size. Make sure you look at the drawings carefully and note specific size of each module design.
A shipping confirmation will be sent via email with your tracking number. As a courtesy to our clients, we always default to the least expensive shipping method based on the quantity of material that has been ordered.
We highly recommend that your tile installer lay out all the sheets of tile on the floor before installation. This will ensure that your installer can make critical decisions about installation that will not compromise the mosaic design.

Ready To Get Started?

Our project consultants are ready to assist you! Use the form below to contact our project support team. Include the above information about your project and a convenient time to arrange a consultation. We will get back to you soon to confirm and schedule your session. We are looking forward to working with you!

You’ll speak with our experienced project consultants! Professional designers who are proficient in the use of visualization tools that will demonstrate the tile layout details you request.

There is no charge for the first consultation session. Additional sessions or project design services can be discussed at that time. Our goal to ensure that you feel totally prepared when tile installation begins and thoroughly satisfied with the final outcome.
We normally schedule our consultation appointments between 10:00 AM and 4:00 PM CST and a normal session should last around 45 minutes.
Please share any available project plans, images of the space and other details that would be useful to prepare for our consultation. Plan and image files can be attached to the project form.

Lead time on mosaic orders is approximately 3-4 weeks, but can be longer depending on complexity.