Historic patterns, vibrant colors and limitless possibilities - tile to honour any period and reinvigorate the past.



With 22 colors, 4 shapes, and 7 sizes, the patterns and borders you can create are unlimited. You imagine it, we create it.


made-to-order design with Extended Doric Key Border with 3-Point Fleurette Field using green, cream, red & caramel square & hex tiles in historic oak park condominium complex.




Tile to celebrate history and breathe new life into the past.


historic quick ship popular pattern design with gingko border & field in Red, BLACK, Green, Light Yellow, and White square tiles in historic oak park hotel.



Have a unique space?  Subway Mosaics are flexible enough to work into any area, no matter the angles or curves that your historic space might throw at you.


historic made-to-order staggered square design field in Red, CELADON, CHOCOLATE, and White square tiles in historic oak park HOME.